When a marker is placed, it is the culmination of a great deal of preliminary research required to find family members and gather the proper paperwork to prove lineage and convey permission. In order for FAAC to install a memorial marker, each has to be approved by the National Alliance on Mental Illness of Athens, Ohio, prior to being placed. Upon approval, the marker is funded either by the family, FAAC, or other donors. It is then engraved and upon completion is picked up by volunteers from FAAC. Cement is also purchased by FAAC. All materials and equipment are transported to the appropriate cemetery. Our volunteers and members of the Bobcat Battalion of the Ohio University U.S. Army ROTC gather for a workday to place the stones. 

In the case of veterans, even more research and paperwork is required to prove that the deceased person is, in fact, a veteran. The Veterans Administration has thus far purchased veterans' memorial markers, but as time goes on, their requirements are becoming more stringent and funding of markers may be curtailed.

Pastor Diana Kinder or a member of her congregation leads a graveside blessing after the installations. Family members may choose to attend and also choose an alternate graveside service for their loved one. The marker placement and graveside service is a moving experience for all involved.

We rely on family members of the deceased, fundraisers and our other supporters' donations to supply the grave markers. Currently, 20 veteran markers and 23 civilian markers are approved for placement. Veteran markers cost $180 each (these are not now provided by the government) and $80 each for civilian markers for a total of $5,440 needed. Please donate! No amount is too small. Can we purchase the markers in time to install them before winter? Send your check today payable to Friends of Athens Asylum Cemeteries, 4515 Township Road 430, Logan, OH 43138 or use your credit card on this page to access PayPal. (Click the donate button.) All monies received are used 100% to purchase the grave markers and concrete to install them. We are an all volunteer organization. Thank you for your support!