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Photo by Jennifer Evans Kinsley

a poem by doug lockhart read by adele browne

i remember

veterans day ceremony-november 11, 2011

 I remember as a boy, my brother and I whittling sticks into swords and guns.
I remember the sound of the clash of steel and the precision which these weapons possessed.
I remember standing shoulder-to-shoulder with my brother, as we stood atop a small mound of dirt and defended our land and our honor.
I remember the call to arms and the single step I made from being a boy to being a man.
I remember things I experienced in battle, visions of things I wish not to remember.
I remember coming home, tired within and without, to a wasteland of tired people and surroundings.
I remember being exhausted and needing to find the strength to start over.
I remember how long the days seemed and how much longer the nights became.
I remember my struggle...
I remember your struggle...
Thank you for remembering me.
Thank you for remembering us.